Truth, Knowledge, Excellence
Welcome to Providence Hall

Providence Hall is located in the small historic community of Fredericksburg in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and is a college preparatory school that serves children from first grade through twelfth grade. Our school welcomes each child into an exceptional learning environment that is joyful, loving and safe. We are a school based on Christian principles striving to teach the whole child- academically, socially and spiritually; addressing each student’s unique learning style.

At Providence Hall, classes are intentionally small with a student teacher ratio of 4:1. We promote a learning environment that encourages intellectual discovery and academic excellence. Classes are planned using the best available curriculum and designed around the science of child development. In our lower school, our teachers get to know each student and together they pursue knowledge and experience learning with multi-sensory hands-on activities that teaches them to think for themselves, explore ideas and become lifelong learners. Upper school classrooms continue this approach using principles of the “Harkness Table” which allows students to meet together and learn with their instructors through question and debate around a single large table engaging each child and endeavoring to foster a passion for each subject.

At Providence Hall we want our students to acquire the skills they need to allow them to learn and to think deeply about what they are being taught. Core values are an integral part of our school experience. We believe that developing a working partnership between our teachers, parents and families guarantees each student will have the opportunity to succeed to the best of their abilities. Providence Hall seeks to teach our children as well as to inspire them to become leaders.

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